A life long fascination and passion for runway fashion, music, culture, east-asian and harajuku fashion movements and western streetwear with an underlying irreverent tinge and sense. Based in taiwan and california we are Inspired by nostalgic youth internet culture and the melting of east asian and western aesthetics. This includes many styles from nostalgic y2k era inspired fashion, hip hop, emo and pop punk, vaporwave, arcade scapes, anime logo, american popculture manga, video game aesthetic and all things fun weird esoteric novel and rebelliously stylish and non-binary. 

We believe that music, pop culture, and fashion are almost indistinguishable and connect with one another. We deeply admire the vitality of subcultures brought forth into fashion. Inspired greatly by club kid, raver,  hiphop, early punk, post-punk, industrial, goth, twee and other notable subcultures of the past. We can define our brand as tireless novel style drifters always eager to discover something new in a creative and fascinating way. It's our main interest to curate interesting affordable standout pieces.
We love street wear snaps and up to tempo clothing of the current zeitgeist. We're tired of the same clothing and thought we could try our hand at exposing our peers, which is you, to interesting and new stylistic frontiers. We hope we can intrigue you and inspire you to become apart of our creative vision.